Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.0.1

by JamesNYCDecember 17. 2015 02:37

Phase One released Capture One Pro 9 just a little over two weeks ago and announced today its first update. This new version includes a couple of bug fixes and adds support for the DxO One camera. Like any new major update, Capture One 9 was released with a couple of issues that were known by Phase One. Gladly, the Danish medium format camera manufacturer was quick to correct most glitches and release version 9.0.1 of their software. This minor service release includes a couple of fixes that will make their professional raw converter more stable. Among the bugs that have been fixed include:


  • Synchronization of corrupted cos files
  • Keyword library: Add child keyword
  • Keywords: Drag a keyword between two CO documents
  • Save a style including a bundle ICC profile
  • Import of user styles after a clean install of CO
  • Other stability improvements


  • Crash when removing keywords
  • Red cross on the histogram of the levels tool followed by crash
  • Crash when setting up naming in the importer
  • Crash when stressing the thumbnail browser
  • Various other hangs and crashes

This is not the full list of corrections, but rather the most notable ones. Most of these bugs would make Capture One crash and could turn out to be quite annoying for some users. Because the framework used by the software is different on Mac and Windows, some bugs are different between the two versions.

You can find a full list of the bug fixes brought by Capture One Pro 9.0.1 in the official press release.

Find the new update here: Phase One's website.




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