Sun Studio closes

by JamesNYCJuly 9. 2013 00:13

The venerable Sun Studios ( 628 Broadway, & Houston NYC.) is closing after more than two decades. *(information provided by their last interim studio manager)

Sun Studios has been the starting point for so many of us that have gone on to provide services in the commercial photo industry.

They have gone on to positions of: Studio & equipment managers at a number of other major rental studios here in NYC. such as: Milk Studio, Industria, Pier 59 Studio, Tribeca Studio, Root DriveIn, Trec Rental, Headlight rental, to name a few; and others have gone on to work as producers, studio and equipment rental company owners and photographers.

After moving to NYC. one of my 1st catalog photo schools was with Peter Davidian who turned out to be a regular assisting client during my 1st year in NYC. and with whom I would come to meet several photo assistants that would turn out to be long time friends.


During the 90's when it seemed that we were shooting catalog everyday in Studio two, which had a huge skylight; we assistants had a ritual. Every morning we would show up, get our coffee or double espresso at the coffee bar,


and head up to the roof with three 12x12 duvetyne (commando cloth for the film people) and proceed to gently crawl across the sky lighting covering it with a few the 12x12 duvetyne to block the day light careful not to fall through the skylight to the floor 20 feet below

A few years later after a heavy assistant put his full weight on the top of the skylight Sun Studios took the clue and installed frame that would fit into the recess of the skylight from inside the studio and block the day light.

Sun Studios at the time was also the only studio offering a rolling cyc on the roof top. unfortunately they had built it with so much heavy timber, and there was so many layers of paint on the cyc floor and wall that moving the cyc in order to follow the sun through the day took two assistants, a photographer and a running start. I was lucky enough to shoot up there doing a test for my portfolio.

Prior to the opening of Pier 50 studios Sun Studios was one of the busiest in NYC. second only to Industria in the west village back when the meat packing district was actually populated with meat packing companies and transsexual hookers, rather than the y upscale boutiques, restaurants and hotels that are there today. Sun Studios was also a place were assistants would very often meet up after their shoots around town before going out drinking. This was social networking before computers.

For awhile the owner had a few Italian and British motorcycles on display in the reception area that had previously been occupied by two black couches.

Never did know or understand why there was a need to have 3 motorcycles in a roped off area of a photo rental studios reception area; but they stayed therefor quit a while

Not long after this someone had the brilliant idea that the roof top was a great place to build a Japanese inspired water fountain on the roof. During construction things went horribly wrong when the guy doing the welding of this steel structure set a portion of the roof on fire setting of the buildings sprinkler system and causing water damage to a portion of the studios floors.

    Sun Studios NYC. you will be missed.





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