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1ProPhoto.Com is please to announce the release of our: 1ProPhoto - Lighting Diagrams Vol. 1

We have created a fully interactive experience with every item on our Virtual Photo Set.
This has previously been a part of our workshops and offers to our workshops attendees on CD and was first created 11 years ago in the early days of FLASH. As we continual change our lighting workshops and now demonstrate a great many different lighting setups we felt that it was time to offer our Lighting diagrams to a wider audience.

This is a screen capture demonstrating some of the functionality of our lighting diagrams interactivity.
While it may be a little difficult to see in this video, when the user moves their mouse over each item on the virtual set
a text description appears revealing teh complete details for each item relative to it's functionality on the set.

Included is sampling of lighting diagrams we have demoed during our: Photo Assistant Boot Camp, Studio lighting workshops, & even our Digital Tech Workshops. All of the lighting diagrams have been previously complimented on commercial photo shoots that we have worked on. Real world and time tested to produce the results displayed in the included examples.

These lighting diagrams include the use of: Studio Strobes, ARRI lights both tungston and HMI's, KinoFL's and a vast array of studio grip equipment including the CHIMERA OctaPlus57 & CHIMERA Video Pro Series light banks.
With a little imagination you will find that these lighting diagrams can be applied to: Editorial, Portraiture, Fashion, Beauty, catalog studio situations.

Easy to follow directions including several examples for creating a clean white background including the:
'James Sullivan 7/10th's method' for creating the perfect white background and preventing lens flare and excessive edge spill on your subject. And because budgets are always an issue, each diagram tells you the exact equipment needed to achieve the results displayed. When appropriate we have even included a shot of the finished setup.

Select a lighting diagram to view and then move your mouse over each item on the virtual set to display the information about that particular piece of equipment.

  • Distance measurements
  • Flash meter readings
  • Color temp readings
  • Elevation of lights and light modifiers on the set.
  • Details of light placement including types of diffusion and color correction gels are used to achieve specific looks.
  • Distances triangulated allowing anyone to recreate these lighting setups fast and easily.
  • Complete details of equipment used which helps keep your production costs down.
  • Get nine complete Lighting Diagrams for just $79.95
    That's means each diagarm cost less than a Starbucks Latte.

    This is a stand alone Adobe Flash application that is available for Mac Or Windows operating systems.

    PLEASE NOTE: A orders will be filled when we are available in the studio. So don't freak out if you don't instantly receive your download link seconds or even minutes after making your payment.

      Lighting Diagrams Vol. 1 _ PC
      Lighting Diagrams Vol. 1 _ MAC